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InBody Test : Motivated by InBody
The InBody Dial measures your body fat, muscle mass, and percent body fat.
Measuring your percent body fat allows you to better gauge your health, helping you to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.
Easy Operation
The intuitive dialing interface is easy to use for all ages.
By just entering your height, accurate examination is available without any additional information.
Fast and Accurate Measurement
The unique world-wide patented InBody measuring technology of body composition provides accurate results.
Result Analysis : Track Your Progress
Download the InBody App to send the measured result to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
Experience the world of professional body composition analysis right at home. The InBody Dial is build upon InBody's BIA technology, which has been utilized in medical research and studies for decades.
Managing your health at home is incredibly valuable. With the help of the InBody Dial - a smart weight scale that measures whole body composition - it's easier than ever.
InBody Technology
Precisely measures the upper body and the lower body respectively by the unique technology protected by the worldwide patent.
Personal Trainer
You may check your result of your efforts immediately and receive expert counseling.
Visceral Fat Level
You may check and manage visceral fat levels, the main factor of obesity and adult diseases.
Easy Operation
The intuitive dialing interface is easy to use for all ages.
Family Care
Can be used by whole family members.
Regular Reports
Check the changes of your body fat and muscle mass every morning.

Purchase InBody Dial Now!

Every morning, check your body composition right at home on the InBody Dial!

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