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Barrow LTCPR-360
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum
  • Radiator Dimensions:394 x 119.2 x 27.2mm
  • Fan Rated Voltage: DC 12V Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Fan Speed: 700-1800 RPM (±10%)
  • Fan Air Flow: 26.1-66.81 CFM (Each)
  • Fan Life Span: ≥40,000 Hours @25°C
  • Fan Noise Level: 20.55-37.2 dB(A) (Max.)
  • Fan Bearing: Hydraulic
  • Fan Connector: 4 Pin PWM Pump Dimensions: 80.3 x 71 x 48mm
  • Pump Noise Level: < 30 dB(A)
  • Pump Speed: 2600 RPM (±10%)
  • Pump Working Voltage: DC 12V
  • Pump Power Consumption: 3.6W
  • Synchronous ARGB lighting effect for ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte motherboards

Barrow LTCPR-360

  • The one-piece cold head is made of aluminum alloy. While maintaining the appearance, it adopts anodic oxidation process to improve the overall texture of the cold head, so that the whole performance and appearance of the cold head has an excellent use experience and appreciation.

    Copper bottom plate is used to directly touch the CPU core, heat is absorbed quickly, and the water flow can quickly flow through the bottom plate and take away the heat absorbed by the bottom plate through the high-speed operation of the pump.

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