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BenQ WiT MindDuo (Blue)
  • Parent-child eye protection wide lighting reading lamp
  • BenQ exclusive 95cm ultra-wide elliptical lighting
  • Unique optical design, irradiation area is 150% of the general desk lamp
  • Brightness detection automatic dimming
  • Provides comfortable light with sufficient brightness and uniform light
  • Infrared seat sensor, actively turn on the light for the child
  • Infrared detection and induction will automatically provide light, and automatically turn off the light after 30 minutes away from the seat
  • Detect the environment, intelligently supplement the brightness required for reading
  • Conforms to Japan's JIS highest grade AA illuminance standard
  • Curved light source integrated dual sensor module
  • Ambient light sensor to the children intelligent dimming dual-mode (Book Reading Mode / Screen Reading Mode)
  • Ambient light sensor with a brightness display panel (Blue: Bright enough, Green: Too bright, Pink: Too dark)
  • According to the use situation, freely change the cold and warm color temperature
  • The measured color rendering can reach Ra97, restoring the true color of book pictures
  • Equipped with a non-flicker frequency driver chip, the light source is stable and does not flicker
  • Flexible charging station USB output slot
  • Patent spherical joint x torsion spring flexible rotation angles
  • 30-minute rest reminder to take a proper rest and protect your eyes
  • LED life of up to 17 years of energy-saving and energy saving
  • The MindDuo parent-child reading lamp makes daily parent-child reading time the best memory with children!



  • Light Source Category‎: Cold and warm dual-color LED‎
  • Color Rendering: > 97
  • Illuminance: Center Illumination 1600Lux (45cm from the irradiation surface)
  • Color Temperature Setting: 2700 ~ 5700K
  • Power Input: 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz
  • Maximum Power Consumption‎: 18W (maximum)
  • Dimension: 39.5cm x 48cm x 34.5cm‎
  • Weight: 3.5 kg‎
  • USB DC Power Output‎: 5V/0.5A
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, Engineering plastic (engineering plastic)‎

BenQ WiT MindDuo (Blue)

  • The BenQ WIT MindDuo study table lamp is the world’s first lamp for e-reading and it can be considered as the best table lamp for studying. The BenQ WIT MindDuo automatically detects ambient light and indicates through three colours indicator if the room is “too bright”, “just right” or “too dark”.


    The BenQ WIT MindDuo has two intelligent lighting modes, allowing you to change between reading on a device’s screen or papers with its warm and cool lighting. The BenQ lamp also has a unique optical design that illuminates a desk surface of up to 95cm wide, which is 150% more than traditional table lamps available in the market. The ultra-wide design enables you to see everything at a glance and comfortably read across all mediums seamlessly.

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