Colorful iGame RTX3070 Vulcan OC-V
  • Chip Series: GeForce® RTX 3070
  • Product Series: iGame Series
  • GPU Code Name: GA104
  • Manufacturing Process: 8nm
  • CUDA Cores: 5888
  • Core Clock: Base:1500Mhz, Boost:1725Mhz
  • One-Key OC: Base:1500Mhz, Boost:1875Mhz
  • Memory Clock: 14Gbps
  • Memory Size: 8GB
  • Memory Bus Width: 256 bit
  • Memory Type: GDDR6
  • Memory Bandwidth: 448GB/s
  • Power Connector: 3*8Pin
  • Power Supply: 14+4
  • TDP: 270W
  • Display Ports: 3*DP+HDMI
  • Fans Type: FAN
  • Heat Pipe Number/Spec: 5-φ8
  • Auto Stop Technology: Y
  • Power Suggest: 650W
  • DirectX: DirectX 12 Ultimate/OpenGL4.6
  • NV technology Support: NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA G-SYNC, 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores
  • Slot Number: 3 slot
  • Product Size: 323*158*60mm
  • Product Weight: 1.7kg

Colorful iGame RTX3070 Vulcan OC-V

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