• 80Plus Certified: Up to 88% of efficiency.
  • Compatible with The Latest PC-technology
  • Support Multi-GPU Technology
  • Ultra-quiet & Temperature-controlled 120mm Fan
  • Integrated Air Inlet Design
  • Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC)
  • Compliant With The Latest Eu-guidelines
  • Full Protections with SCP, OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP


Cable Management

  • Main 24P (20+4) x1
  • CPU 8P (4+4) x1
  • Peripheral 4P x3
  • S-ATA 5P x6
  • PCI-E 8P (6+2) x2

Cougar STX550

  • With STX, your computer’s power supply will reach a high level of efficiency. In doing so, it will keep power consumption at bay at a reasonable cost. Extreme stability for powerful graphic systems. 


    Cougar STX’s fan will automatically adjust its speed according to the PSU’s temperature. This will ensure that no matter what you are doing, the fan noise will always be minimized.

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