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Deepcool ST500 ARGB


  • Easily and freely adjust the GPU support in 3 directions: horizontal, vertical and along the bracket for ultimate compatibility.
  • The dual-slot bracket offers additional rigidity with an added pillar support in combination with the holder to easily sustain the weight of the heaviest graphics cards in the market.
  • Fully addressable RGB LEDs deliver smooth and bright lighting that syncs to supported RGB software for a full system personalization.


Technical Spec

  • Overall Dimension: 305.5*94*38mm
  • Net Weight: 269g
  • Cable Length: 500mm 5v 3 pin ARGB splitter connector
  • LED Rated Voltage: 5 VDC
  • LED Rated Power: 1.5W
  • LED Control: M/B with 5V ADD-RGB Header

Deepcool ST500 ARGB

  • The DeepCool ST500 ARGB GPU support bracket reinforces heavy graphics cards of any model to protect against GPU sag with an adjustable 3-axis design and support pillar for universal compatibility in any system build.

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