GeIL EVO Potenza AMD Edition DDR4 (8GB 2666MHz)
  • Series: EVO Potenza AMD Edition
  • Form Factor: Long DIMM
  • Channel: Single/Dual
  • Frequency: 2666MHz
  • Kit Capacity: 8GB
  • Latency: CL19
  • Voltage: 1.2V - 1.35V
  • Heat Spreader Colors: Red/Black
  • GeIL Technology: MTCD Technology & DYNA 4 SLT
  • Additional Technology: Intel XMP 2.0

GeIL EVO Potenza AMD Edition DDR4 (8GB 2666MHz)

  • Potenza, the italian word for "power" GeIL EVO Potenza delivers a fast speed and operates at optimal frequency, and is equipped with Potenza head-spreader, designed with the advanced MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation technology for superior cooling efficiency.

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