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NZXT HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit
  • Instantaneous response time and lighting synchronization across accessories

  • Numerous presets, smart, audio, gaming and custom modes

  • 4 independent channels supporting up to 40 LEDs or 6 accessories per channel

  • Mix and match accessories in each channel based on your needs

  • Easy set-up and control with CAM’s intuitive interface

  • HUE 2 RGB lighting Kit is compatible with HUE+ LED strips and Aer RGB fans but cannot be mixed with HUE 2 accessories in the same channel. For HUE 2 accessories, each channel supports up to 40 LEDs and up to 6 accessories.Compatible with HUE+ RGB accessories


  • Dimensions: 76 x 100 x 15mm
  • Form Factor: 2.5" Drive bay
  • Mounting: Magnet and screws (included)
  • Control Method: CAM Software
  • Input Channel Voltage: 12V DC, 2.6A
  • Output Channel Voltage: 5V DC
  • Output Channels: 4


Output LED Quantity

  • Up to four LED strips - 10 LEDs per strip
  • Up to five Aer RGB fans
  • Up to six HUE 2 accessories
  • LED Strip Length: 300mm x4
  • LED Strip Width: 10mm


Included Cables

  • 600mm Micro-USB cable x1
  • 300mm Molex power cable x1
  • 500mm Connection cable x4
  • 500mm Extension cable x1
  • 300mm Extension cable x1
  • 100mm Extension cable x2

NZXT HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit

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  • With four separate channels, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and a variety of compatible accessories, the HUE 2 RGB lighting kit takes PC lighting to the next level. The HUE 2 is powered by CAM, so it’s easy to change modes, sync lighting effects, and express your creativity with the perfect lighting for your build.

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