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BenQ ScreenBar Halo


  • Immersive front light
  • 3-zone backlight design
  • Illuminate the audience and have a comfortable view
  • Real-time detection of brightness, intelligently supplement 500lux
  • Patented optical design, front and rear fill light to reduce reflection
  • The rear light is multi-directional fill light, uniform and soft without dazzling, fully balanced contrast glare
  • The asymmetrical extreme light desktop has a wide and uniform illumination to reduce screen reflections
  • Patented combination of curvature reflection optics +16.5° oblique translucent lens with light-absorbing cotton dimming structure
  • Up to 40x63cm² at a color temperature of 4000K

  • Up to 40x65cm² at a color temperature of 6500K

  • Wireless knob touch operation


Main Specifications

  • Light source‎: Cold and warm dual-color LED
  • Color Rendering: >95
  • Illuminance‎: Center illuminance >800 Lux (45cm from the irradiation surface)
  • Color Temperature‎: 2700K~6500K (ANSI White 8-segment color temperature)
  • Power Input‎: 5V、1.3A、USB port
  • Controller Power: AAA battery*3
  • Size‎‎: Lamp holder 50cm x 9.47cm x 9.71cm / Controller 7.4cm x 7.4cm x 3.84cm
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, PC/ABS engineering plastics
  • Accessories‎: Patented curved screen clamp fittings

BenQ ScreenBar Halo

  • Ambient light sensor, detect desktop illuminance, intelligently supplement 500 lux. Patented design fixture, as long as 1 second, any screen can be hung up. Asymmetrical optical design, zero reflection on the screen; only the desktop but not the screen

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