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SMART LOVE Fall Detection Radar
  • Dimensions: 95x23mm
  • Communication Module: 4G
  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Power:  3.6W
  • Range Detection:
    Top installation: 4m*5m
    Wall-mounted: 4m*4m
  • Waterproof:  IP65
  • Maximum Humidity: 90%
  • Material: PC+ABS material

SMART LOVE Fall Detection Radar

  • Fall Detection Radar is a product specially designed for the elderly and people with limited Fall Detection Radar is an innovative product designed to ensure the safety of elderly individuals and those with limited mobility. It is specifically designed to detect falls in accident-prone areas like bathrooms and bedrooms, making it an essential device for individuals with heightened fall risks. The product's unique lens-free design ensures complete privacy protection, while its high anti-interference ability and sensitivity allow for the accurate detection of falling postures. The micro-motion detection technology in the Fall Detection Radar is highly advanced, enabling it to accurately identify fall events and promptly notify family members or caregivers. The device has a detection range of 4x4 meters, making it ideal for larger spaces. With its support for 4G connection to Smart Love Cloud, users can monitor their safety situation at home anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the product is plug-and-play, making it extremely easy to use.

    *All products have included first year FREE subscription cloud service. All products links to AT-VIBE cloud server.

    *Next year subscription fee will be paid to AT-VIBE directly.

    *Installation service is available.

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