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SMART LOVE Vitals Detection Radar
  • Frequency: 60GHz-64GHz
  • Communication Module: 4G
  • Voltage: 9V-12V
  • Power:  <2.4W
  • Range Detection: Wall-mounted: 2m*2m
  • Waterproof:  IP65
  • Maximum Humidity: 90%
  • Temperature: -40℃-+50℃

SMART LOVE Vitals Detection Radar

  • The Vitals Detection Radar is the perfect touchless and privacy-conscious solution that doesn't require a lens. It can be conveniently used in places like bathrooms and bedrooms, which are prone to accidents. The detector has high anti-interference ability and can detect heart rate, breathing, micro-body movements, and human body induction. With a detection range of 2x2 meters, the Vital Detection Radar can be easily connected to Smart Love Cloud through 4G. Best of all, it's plug-and-play and user-friendly.

    *All products have included first year FREE subscription cloud service. All products links to AT-VIBE cloud server.

    *Next year subscription fee will be paid to AT-VIBE directly.

    *Installation service is available.

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